With these 24 documents you can
"Watch" the scientists react when administrators said, "Hey! Let's say GMO's are so much the same that science isn't needed!" (high-five!)

You guys want to see how the scientists reacted when this incredible mindset of fast-tracking GMO's began? 24 documents of scientists objecting. And there's more on biointegrity.org including perspectives of religious people- something I've been looking for. I thought I'd seen it somewhere. These folks all took the FDA to court. Ahhh its good to find this site again. Real nostalgia. Here's an example document I plucked randomly. I love scientists. This document is the honest reaction when a real scientist gets handed complete malarkey calling itself analysis of research.
The Alliance for Bio-integrity (biointegrity.org) made this great link page to 24 internal memos where FDA scientists warned that GMO's weren't known to be safe and in fact were cause for serious concern. There was Science to be done.* They got these documents into the public's hands by taking the FDA to court. These documents are gold. If it hadn't been for this effort which "lost" in court, we would never know this dissent existed and was stamped out.
This is an amazing resource!  You probably won't be eating foreign food after this. Thank you Greenpeace and GeneWatchUK for this project! Some of this is absolutely intentional.

GMcontaminationregister.org  (notice it is GM not GMO in the URL)

There have been governments initially prohibiting GMOs that allowed them after mass-contaminations feeling there was no choice for their countries. This is an attack. There are people trespassing on farms doing "inspections" - finding contamination and suing for seed-stealing in North America and abroad. Better not have any GMO seeds in your shoes fellas. Saynotogmos.org calls GMO's bioterrorism. Well, if there is a tactic of intentional contamination to force farms and even entire countries to allow GMO's, they are absolutely right. There is a practice of "grandfathering in" that protects them from being held responsible and keeps crops like GM alfalfa in our food supply even though the decision to allow planting was stopped by the court. That practice has to go. I'm sorry farmers if you got swindled into sewing a product that is declared a potential hazard and stopped by the court- but they need to take it up with the seed companies, who come out smelling like a rose in this system. Also, one could say its the farmers that were doing it. Yes, some farmers intentionally sewed illegal seeds but the seed companies are the ones raking in profits from it and encouraging it by taking no prevention steps of any consequence, so they are the ultimate culprits.

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I talk about skewing science in this particular way- not allowing the bad results to be published because of a patent loophole that needs to be closed ASAP. In fact, this is one of my personal priorities in life is to stop science from being manipulated by industry. I won't be posting articles just because they are interesting. For that we hope everyone will see what we are seeing by following the people / organizations we follow on Twitter. We have only one Twitter List. Its called /All-we-follow. I am posting this to show this concept, which you can see readily from this excerpt, and more if you like. Get some non-GMO antacid first.

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From The New York Times Feb 19, 2009
Crop Scientists Say Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research function

Excerpt: The problem, the scientists say, is that farmers and other buyers of genetically engineered seeds have to sign an agreement meant to ensure that growers honor company patent rights and environmental regulations. But the agreements also prohibit growing the crops for research purposes.

So while university scientists can freely buy pesticides or conventional seeds for their research, they cannot do that with genetically engineered seeds. Instead, they must seek permission from the seed companies. And sometimes that permission is denied or the company insists on reviewing any findings before they can be published, they say.
This article is bigger than a flier and smaller than a book. It's perfect. Now everyone can read and understand the GMO health risks we knew of as of May 2008