www.gmoreform.org and www.positivefoodinc.com.

I went from complaining about GRAS to making a good page about it so people can act. While doing this work I found out that the House Committee on Agriculture was responsible for Secretary Vilsack's 180- we thought he was sincere in wanting to do the "partial deregulation" and everyone was upset it wasn't enough - OCA went after all the folks trying to get what they could from the USDA to limit contamination. Then the full deregulation came instead, with no explanation. I found that there was this conspiracy of a few men in plain sight with a public transcript and video we can all watch. For a meeting with people reading their testimony, this hearing gets the heart pumping. I'm surprised they don't all recite a Pledge of Allegiance to Biotech. Maybe that is what is happening during the test pattern in the video.

In order to do another project, we had to explain who we are. We've done that on PFI's site. But please- if you are finding us and you have not done this activism step of going to gmoreform.org, please do so. Most of this site is for you and your life as a "no-GMO" (or in-process). If you email us, we are on call to help you with everything non-GMO. I'm exhausted. This is a lot of work but I feel we're really going somewhere. Thanks everyone.