This Facebook group touched my heart. It also tugged at it.  They had some news that I hadn’t seen on the lists I get that are primarily links to other people’s coverage and interpretations. But they are bringing their own passion and work to everyone as well. Our links tend to be organizations that collect and write about current events and histories, and primary literature or pages published by the people we are discussing. But you don’t know those primary sources are out there unless you follow them with the people busting their tails to synthesize and collect it- whether it’s a big website like IRT, or a little blog or youtube video, and then we have  facebook groups and blogs like theirs that pull all these synthesizers’ works together. We’re not going to feature the same things- but I think we all need each other in our search for answers and work on connecting with each other. So where we don't fill the niches they do, we link link link because one thing we do work for is for all of us to be connected and to spread our eyes and ears across the nation- and stand together when anyone attempts to isolate and harm any member of our community. It is no secret that Monsanto exerts incredible force to control information and people including documented counts of intimidation and other acts against anyone that rejects their products and practices. Somehow we have to balance our need to be able to interact with others in the neutral marketplace, and the need to appreciate and give thanks to the people that make it possible- the ones fighting the fights and blowing the bugle. GMO Free Maui is one such effort and we are lucky to have them.

They talk about the islands, and they talk about life everywhere.....
As long as people buy GMO food, the people that make them will run the show. But if just a few of us resist and refuse to eat a single GMO, then the market for non-GMO food will sprout up and with it, the shelf labels, and the consumer preference will change to insisting on non-GMO as much as non-lead or non-asbestos! What are we doing? We're being stubborn!

If you eat them sometimes, it might be because of peer-pressure- not wanting to make people uncomfortable or not wanting to stand out and make a fuss about yourself. This site can help if its money or time or knowledge that is a barrier for you, but if you're worried about being a bother, then that takes a change of outlook on your part if you are willing. Take a step back and think about this worry over what people think when they're being "Sam I Ams." Picture those people living in a world after some of consequences of GMOs we can imagine have shown themselves. Picture the suffering. Feel the compassion you will then, now in your heart. They just don't understand yet. Now picture you saving them that reality because you and a bunch of others in a minority were picky eaters.

I. You will influence a hundred people nearly overnight when you make it against your dogma to eat any. Everyone is going to see them as unholy in the very near future. But we need that day moved back to one soon enough for a little planning, not so late we are just reacting. Of your hundred influenced people, you'll probably make one "no-GMO" like you who will be an epicenter themselves. If you never eat a GMO that is offered to you, how many people will you tell?  If the replacement of natural life with GMOs is against your dogma, will telling people that be too steep a price? Its against dogma of vegans, Jews, Muslims and vegetarians to eat pork. It is a personal matter of great importance to them which we accept in the name of tolerance and respect. GMOs are a violation of the sanctity of life. They've caused suffering and death of plants, animals and human beings and they will cause much more.  We rarely have an easy way to make a difference in something so important.  We Americans and people of other countries where there are abundant choices are the ones driving the market and the remaining countries get whatever they get. 
Farmers in India swallow Round-up to make a statement with their deaths that GMOs are what ruined them. We here are so blessed. All Americans need to do to be heard is be stubborn about our food! For life's sake, say "no, thank you" every time if you feel this way inside. You might be doing it now if you realized how much of a difference one person's "NO" can make.

12/26/2010 Documents you should see regarding spread of GMOs to non-GMO life forms.  We'll add these articles on the home page, and expanded with comments on their significance here in the page in individual posts. Here is the first one. As sad as this is, keep in mind we may blow out the fuse as easily as having 5% of people refusing to eating any. You are our hope, so you must keep hope.

GMO genes spread into fungus (that means everywhere....) You know that our concern has always been that GMOs will spread like lightning once they go from plant to microorganism back to plant. Forget about crop contamination- we'd be dealing with losing the ecosystem that makes human life, and all precious life possible because its all replaced with this unstable dangerous material. We've talked about horizontal gene transfer (GMO genes getting into different non-GMO life forms) but focused on plant>bacteria>new plant. The fungi have microorganism members too. Some folks know this from education or permaculture work, etc. but most people don't realize just how ubiquitous and vital fungi are in the environment. Fungus is everywhere. Mycorrhizae are interconnected with nearly all plants roots. Its thought they actually helped plants first move from sea to land by aiding the plant in obtaining water. Think of fungus as you would bacteria, air or water contamination. Note: if you see only the abstract or a summary for any links, I can not publish the article but I can legally make personal arrangements to show you full text in a way that is never distributed. Please email us for these or any full article you want to see.

And if you hear anyone say the genes won't spread unless they occasionally confer an advantage, meaning natural selection will take care of the problem so who cares, here is why that is wrong: The genes can be thought of as a virus and the life form merely a host. All they have to do is survive long enough to spread into a new plant.
Here's an older post from the front page. This seems to work as an archive for it, as well as all the other stuff. We'll update current stuff here later today. :)

We're back! Happy Holidays. Here's what's happening with GMO-Free Portland!
We created a back-up of the very important links today, Thanksgiving. See the 11-25-10 entry on the updates blog.

We had an amazing October at 3 Farmers markets and 2 tabling events at Food Front.
We handed out a lot of  "Say no to Frankenfish" postcards among other things. We wrote on Facebook about it. In fact, FB is about all the updates we did in October besides recipes. We've enjoyed talking to you there. Find us easily using the link at the bottom of this page or by searching "GMO-Free Portland." 
New Seasons asked to be Patrons! Its not final yet. We asked some other businesses if they'd like us to hold a meeting with local food providers to update them on the GMO concerns they will be facing to help them keep their customers safe from the attack on our food. Whole Foods in NW PDX is one of the stores that is most interested in information we can share with them for their staff. We'll be making the packet and presentation this December for anyone we can gather. We got busy with Ernie's new job and Mary's search for a graduate program working with food safety and finishing the botany undergrad degree. The graduate program would have immediate benefit to this project, so we will be posting in one of the site's blogs. It will have to do with the problem "laundering" our food goes through- changing hands so many times it hides the source and nasty nature of many items we buy. I thought of something to reverse this trend. This would help our non-GMO cause powerfully if it works. Afterall, as the FDA said, if the people knew (referring to mandatory labeling), they would not eat GMO's. Then there wouldn't be GMOs! More news to come so stay tuned. Its good to be back.

or> hover on left column "animal and veterinary" but don't click, choose GE animals from list in center of page to right of the animal and veterinary arrow. Read this page and go back to all links but then >FAQs. You'll see this:
Q: What kinds of GE animals are in development?

A. Many kinds of GE animals are in development. At this time, the largest class of GE animals is being developed for biopharm purposes—that is, they are intended to produce substances (for example, in their milk or blood) that can be used as human or animal pharmaceuticals. Another group of GE animals are under development for use as sources of scarce cells, tissues, or organs for transplantation into humans (xenotransplant sources). Yet others are intended for use as food and may be disease resistant, or have improved nutritional or growth characteristics. And others include animals that produce high value industrial or consumer products, such as highly specific antimicrobials against human and animal pathogens (e.g., E. coli 0157 or Salmonella).

so lets look at this carefully.

Q: What kinds of GE animals are in development?
red = my comments.

A. Many kinds of GE animals are in development. Yay- GE animals are super. They've got a lot already engineered and on the way into the food and into nature if they allow any error of containment. It happened for plants so logic dictates that under the same regulatory practices it will happen for animals. GE animals are out there. ..... please click more- this is sickening and needs to be stopped. The fish is the gateway animal.