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Next step- do I have a civil case?
Absolutely. I'm contacting advocates now. My access to non-GMO food is actively being removed. It is against my most personal theological beliefs to consume food that is a violation of life -made by turning life into something that kills by twisting it at the genetic level. This stuff isn't safe for people and Earth- we know that. I can get the best documentation and witnesses organized myself. I'm ready to sue. Now I need someone that can get me to court and be the glue that rallies those people and organizations to my side on behalf of all of us.

ACLU gave me some leads. They said yes, it does sound like I may have a civil liberty that is being trespassed, and it would help many people if a person stands up in court for their rights because a judgment would pertain to all of us whose  rights to non-GMO food are in jeopardy. But the problem is, this would be a whole new "department." They've had a lot of new departments lately- too many. We don't here all have the same politics but we have found we've had rights abused and found fault with the system for sure. Plus its creepy, isn't it? Going against what some powerful people want the masses to think and say? Ever feel weird talking about it on the phone- expressing concern that the government isn't on your side? I know it was a struggle for me to live in this state. More and more people are feeling creeped out. Does the room get quiet now if someone says "hey- its a free country"? So there's the ACLU saying they have a lot of new business. I imagine that includes having to help torture victims and people on kill lists or people who are victims of wiretap violations. You have to think of the innocent people that are imprisoned or sentenced to death in our system to fathom targeted killing/kill lists and torture (torture would be easier to mete out now with all the information we have given about ourselves here on what we're afraid of) without the due process legal punishment entails- and you'd have to think of judges that are bribed by lobbyists in plain sight or bribed or threatened by people we won't ever know about - all those people pulling the strings of the weak or greedy- to fathom a low-man-on-the-totem-pole in a wiretapping job getting some nice cash for giving up secure information to a corporation in order to bribe you. No one would spy on me, people say- no one would try to intimidate me- or stop me from doing something in this world. That isn't how the ACLU thinks. They work like court works- if it applies to one, it applies to all- if it can happen to one person because something is wrong that can be ruled on in the judicial system to change, then the fight is for everyone- even those that say it would never be an issue for them. It won't until it is. Will you ever run for office? Ever be a witness for someone? Ever see something someone didn't want you to? Ever seek out a top position others want? Will you ever go against someone else or some company with a lot of money / power? There's so many cases of impropriety within the already insanely unconstitutional setup- the most unscrupulous ones of whole the wayward bunch.... or weak or greedy or innocent but manipulated are like holes in the bucket of water. If you put your water in a bucket with a hole, it doesn't matter that there's only one hole- its going to come out. All that information about you only needs one person who can be persuaded with any manipulation tactic from threat to bribe to come out of the government's hands and into the hands of a corporation. Heck, Google Monsanto and Blackwater in one search and see what you find.  Shivver. That information came to us from one of you on Facebook and we thank you. The ACLU is highly politicized because they go up against big people for important things. It operates on what the Constitution and our real legal laws do- the premise that its of utmost importance to keep the framework of justice strong than to weaken it until its gone because a person feels the need to make exceptions. Even if you don't like every case they take, it doesn't matter. They take them to court- they don't make laws. They give judges a chance to rule and that is what comprises law. If they don't, all the Justices have to be quiet- they can only answer when asked. How frustrating might that be?!

Principles can be hard to stand by because one shoe doesn't fit all - Innocent Until Proven Guilty feels bad sometimes when dangerous people get away scott-free... but wait until you've chipped the Principles (the Constitution) to nothing and someone falsely accuses you of a serious crime. What then? If there's no law being upheld day in and day out that protects you when you're innocent then you just have to take whatever you're given. Personally, I think if a person doesn't like Innocent Until Proven Guilty, they need to find a different place to live because that IS the United States. I often sign ballot measure petitions for things I'm not sure I would vote for but maybe I would- I'm just saying I think people should vote on it- that I should learn about the matter. Well, the ACLU petitions the court and by supporting them you are supporting the act of having our rights defended by giving them to the court to review. I would ask anyone that has some civil liberties they feel need defending (which could include not having our clean food choices eliminated) to support the ACLU - and as far as picking and choosing from things they do that you like or don't, we hold our court judges accountable for that. The ACLU may very well be involved with us soon. It probably wouldn't hurt for others to tell them what is going on with our food safety for GMOs and other food hazards.

But when the person that called me back said this was too big even if I did hand it all to them because it is so different, I was glad he took the time to tell me some names where I might go. I want the ACLU to do what it needs to do to keep fighting and doing what they're doing. Yet. But you know, the more people that ask for help on this, the stronger their referrals and connections will become to those that will take on this fight. Whoever I find, may be the people you find and we'll go class-action suit then. So why not call and make them aware of this and ask who to ask for help? The ACLU is taking over where government is failing in the check-and-balance system we're supposed to have. Their website is amazing too. Anyway, thank you for your time and assistance defenders of our freedoms. I wish you didn't have so much work.

If I hadn't gone to the ACLU first, I wouldn't have found out that some food advocates don't think my right to non-GMO food is being violated. When I was filling out the form that asks for witnesses, I asked  some non-GMO advocates if he they would be witnesses to that civil suit- to show that I am having my right to non-GMO food stripped away. The person that made that effort to respond in a very nice and specific letter said he couldn’t because he thought I had options- there are other foods I could choose. My jaw started to drop as I read on. It said that I have to get Organic for everything, and the contamination of Organics is a big problem to be sure, he said, and no, I can't have convenience, prepared, or processed foods- basically the whole center of the grocery store… but there are lots of vegetables and fruit, etc. Well, I’ve been saying you don’t know what that really means until you stop eating them and most everyone we know eats them. Who are the ones serious about not eating them? Us. Ernie, myself, and some of you who I talk to which is great to not be alone anymore in this.

You know we mentioned to a grocery department manager that the non-GMO project sign got accidentally stuck on another sign for turkey at a store. Not only did we accidentally show a store employee what non-GMO means (food the bird eats is non-GMO or Organic which will be on the label if they bother with that expense and hassle) but he asked a manager and she asked to call the turkey ranch to find out if they could get non-GMO turkey. That would make 2 meats in the case we could have on a sandwich. This is a side effect of eating non-GMO and shopping at a place that listens to customer requests like ours. So we figure that everyone that doesn’t eat GMOs at all probably has to do this education. You’re going to influence 100 people each in a few months and as a result your neighborhood will have stores that get more non-GMO products in that sometimes say non-GMO on the package. Non-GMO is something that when explained to natural food-carrying store customers becomes obviously a preferred product. Demand goes up, prices go down.  All you do is shop at places that care, and communicate what you want. And then the other stores, seeing the sales in this growing consumer niche just go along and get non-GMO products in. It will become recognized. And when it does, people are going to find out things are complicated because there’s too big of a sphere of influence held by the industry. They’ll find out the FDA has a stance against labeling and is rolling out cloned GMO and GMO animals without labeling if it can. A friend recently told us it only takes five percent to make a serious demand for products. If five percent of the people want non-GMO products, this ballooning monster sphere of influence will collapse under its own weight because it has been built with public ignorance as its foundation and can’t survive with aware consumers and voters.

And all of you that are serious about trying to avoid them and get bad news every day know, there is a civil case for someone like me or Ernie or perhaps you that finds new hidden GMOs and obstruction to the free market in natural food at every turn. I'm finding out that farms only get loans for GMOs, only will be given money for GMO crops despite the demand for non-GMO, only can find GMO seeds or blatantly mixed and falsely marketed non-GMO seeds or nothing, and have been forced to depend on something I thought of as subsidies but is more complicated- but the result is, volume and not quality-driven, government and not market-driven, which means GMO crops or no profit. They are only getting their guaranteed payment per acre and getting further away from making a profit with the market driven down and the crop quality sinking fast because of pathogens. They'd all throw this system out in turn for real farming and market-driven econonomics at this point, now that they don't believe the boloney any more. You can only make promises that don't pan out for so many years before your word has no value. If it weren't for the banks, and the co-ops that pander to the chemical/seed package companies, and the government market interference, and things like railroads to transport grain being owned by these same companies, they'd all grow good food in a heartbeat. The insects are exploding in number that eat the crops but the pollinators are gone,  the soil is full of pathogens and stripped of nutrients and water and full of poison with no functional ecosystems that plants need be a part of to thrive, and there's not a darned thing that can be done by chemical companies to fix it with their tools they have - more of the same and worse stuff. So the very fact that it is still in all the food and its harder to get real food every day only exists because my regulatory agencies are allowing and encouraging it and my government is funding it to have an advantage. My clean food rights are being violated and there are places for me to appeal in my country's government... the judicial branch. But

GMOs are now spreading faster than the government is making them spread intentionally (which is a lot). We have them and the industry they are supposed to regulate to thank for it happening but now Nature is taking over the campaign like firewood takes over the job of the match. We'll be seeing life forms being replaced, "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers-style." And for that discussion, I’ll be doing another post entirely because I found some breaking news to share with you. It’s really not good. You can peek before I talk about this piece of the puzzle next post. Why this is bad (beyond just this incredible news of consequences that were foreseeable because it was a question that should have been asked by scientific inquiry instead of unasked or "handled" by Paid Justifiers) will be something I post in the next day or two. But the first thing to report is that Bt toxin protein is everywhere in streams in the Midwest. What good does it do to talk about the calamity? I mean will it make some people upset and tune out? Probably not our readers- maybe some. But the reason I tell about what I learn from the Midwest friends or and science I'm being shown that is bad news but completely foreseeable is because forewarned is forearmed, we aren't the type to close our eyes or we'd be eating whatever they gave us, and because I have a plan! I have to wait a day to post it but I made some connections with scientists I'm hoping will pan out. At the very least I'll be connecting more people with each other that should be connected. We're stronger together. I'm just trying to keep our readers who offer moral support to us every day informed of what we work on.

Now we can bring in some fresh blood to our non-GMO numbers by talking to like-minded people that find us at farmers markets and in front of Food Front in October but we need $20 minimum and maybe as much as $60 for flyers to hand out (the flyers on the front page.) We don't know how we're going to get enough of these things right now. But more people means more connections and opportunities, and more people raising their voices as shopping soldiers. We witness that every day when we meet and are given ideas and suggestions by you. So if you make a donation on the Support page for $10, you'll buy us 50 packets to give away. Just choose "materials only (at-cost)" when selecting what you are purchasing or send us a heads-up that your donation is for these packets. Its the most obviously direct and a very fruitful way to get more power to this project.
Don't give us money you don't have- but if you like this site and what we do, please keep it going. We don't want to let up now when so much is going on and so many opportunities for change are coming. Every packet is the start to someone discovering how they can and why they should eat non-GMO. Look at our FunBlog for tabling pics and on Facebook (link to FB from home page). Join with us in this way and do this work through our hands.Check our calendar to find us tabling and have free candy on us. Non-GMO non HFCS organic Jelly beans! See, just like the title.


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