It's not over yet. It's still in the "approval process" but it was not approved TODAY. However, lets have a happy moment. The FDA said after the 8 hour hearing in Washington DC that there is not enough evidence that GE Salmon is safe! See these articles on ABC News that begins with the word "Surprise:" Surprise indeed. Also, there's a report from the one-sided & up-to-the-minute site Natural News. They beat the CFS and FDA to the press release. Were they there? Maybe- people swarmed DC to fight this fight. Thank you all- including we who gave our comments to the Center for Food Safety, and thank you to them who, when seeing the FDA was not going to give a reasonable chance for us to comment or even know the fish was in the final approval stage or see the studies, took comments from us so they could get them presented. We also saw amazing advocacy from the Food and Water Watch and other wonderful groups. Oh and I have to say I've really gotten into the Organic Consumers Association pages again. They have a really neat style and they're so thorough and call this stuff out when its just plain wrong.  Go to those pages in the coming days because they're going to tell you its not over, we have to be vigilant and give us guidance on what we can do next. It's easier to be motivated when it actually makes a difference what we tell the FDA, isn't it!? Think of all those people that invested all that money making GE animals- the FDA says there are a lot. If Washington works like a fight you stay in until you run out of money- we're going to have to keep at this for a long time. This is no time to relax. They took a small hit today and now is exactly the time when we have to fight the most if we want to keep these genetically violated life forms from growing in number. They take over, they would not be labeled in food, they do harm, and they suffer. We need them to not be created. Genetic violation of life must be stopped. Keep up the good work. The mailing lists of the groups we name all over this site and following them on Twitter (you can find some of them by checking out who we follow) are the easiest ways to get the news and the opportunities they send us to make a difference.

Of course we can always write our congresspeople online and call them. I know our Oregon senators offices really respond to inquiries. I wrote about emailing Jeff Merkley in another post....How I only agree with maybe half of what he replies- but that's not the point. The amazing thing is that every sentence you say he has text prepared that his staff can send so you know he is actually thinking and that he is devoting his resources to being in tune and responsive to his constituents. He's a public inquiry response machine! lol. Senator Wyden is good too. I always get a reply and its thoughtful. But Senator Merkley's replies are so specific and detailed it feels spooky. I don't think I've ever written him on GMOs! You guys have to try this. We'll let him know we have to keep the pressure on to have real investigative research. It shouldn't be an FDA approval process! It should be an FDA evaluation process! I wish I'd made that up but I read it somewhere.


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