" If I catch one person from GMO industry in here I will throw you out so fast you’ll have to have someone pick up your spare!"

This is a portal that is the big angry area of my mind. But it is still for people that don't like GMO's already. Its there to help give people a way to connect with organizations besides ours and to blog vent. We're going to make an ad and stick it in someone else's blog or editorial that isn't PC and isn't peaceful like GMO-Free Portland. My friend was asking me why I was using the word fight. Well, we're being oppressed. Our food is being poisoned. And although we have lots of advocates out there, they need money and the market they aren't hitting are the people who need them the most- the people that are learning this in horror right now only to find out its late in the game and all of life is getting contaminated and the FDA and USDA have been taken over by a GMO industry coup. I want to use this site to focus on what we can do in not eating GMO's but we need to also make sure these other groups stay afloat. So connect with everyone and blog comment vent on (no www) http://letsfightgmos.wordpress.com. Thank you.


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