These are the links we have to begin updating- but they are important. Now they are in this archive. In case the links don't transfer (i often have trouble with links) we've numbered them and posted the URLs at the bottom so you can copy them to your browser. 

Play the green and red game! 1 Read how we won again in court on rBST labeling!! 2

Lets keep up with the changing events together. What is in our food??
It’s all changing too fast for us to report. These (each sentence is a link) come to mind today 10-1-10 for example The GM fish is still swimming toward us- where do we comment now?3 The USDA gave illegal permission for GM sugar beet as soon as the court forbade it- will they be destroyed? 4  Are we eating cloned products? 5   It is now legal again in Ohio and protected speech to say rBST-free on milk (yay!) 6    GMOs are speading in the wild 7   and the GM gene proteins are passing around in water 8   and then taken up by non-GMO vegetables and being ingested by consumers unknowingly. 9  How do we keep up on high risk foods? Please seek this info with us and share it!

1. Please communicate with us the most important headlines to you. 2. Share if you are on Facebook with us (link is at the bottom of our home page). 3. Join activist and association mailing lists- you won’t be overloaded by mailings. Search these pages for breaking news, chances to participate, and most of all their mailing lists and Twitter for both news and participation opportunities to get news the absolute fastest. Pages are updated in a few days or even the same day on issues but Twitter is absolutely instantaneous. Organic Consumers Association, 10  Oregon PSR (safe food tab), 11  The Organic and non-GMO report, 12   The Food and Water Watch. 13  Also, the ACLU has news on threats to our electronic communication and all things web -a frightening expected result of surveillance and secrecy is industry getting its hands on this information through "weak link" employees. It just takes one.
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