This Facebook group touched my heart. It also tugged at it.  They had some news that I hadn’t seen on the lists I get that are primarily links to other people’s coverage and interpretations. But they are bringing their own passion and work to everyone as well. Our links tend to be organizations that collect and write about current events and histories, and primary literature or pages published by the people we are discussing. But you don’t know those primary sources are out there unless you follow them with the people busting their tails to synthesize and collect it- whether it’s a big website like IRT, or a little blog or youtube video, and then we have  facebook groups and blogs like theirs that pull all these synthesizers’ works together. We’re not going to feature the same things- but I think we all need each other in our search for answers and work on connecting with each other. So where we don't fill the niches they do, we link link link because one thing we do work for is for all of us to be connected and to spread our eyes and ears across the nation- and stand together when anyone attempts to isolate and harm any member of our community. It is no secret that Monsanto exerts incredible force to control information and people including documented counts of intimidation and other acts against anyone that rejects their products and practices. Somehow we have to balance our need to be able to interact with others in the neutral marketplace, and the need to appreciate and give thanks to the people that make it possible- the ones fighting the fights and blowing the bugle. GMO Free Maui is one such effort and we are lucky to have them.

They talk about the islands, and they talk about life everywhere.....
They talk about the islands, and they talk about life everywhere. Anger at people hurting people for greed and sheer foolishness. The injustices, the blatant violations, the astonishing, the unthinkable. Our site takes another tack, but we support all efforts that are positive including those of crying out so others can hear. We're here for people that already don't want GMOs around. But someone has to shout when a predator comes into camp too. For the memory of everyone this GMO tinkering has hurt or lead to the death of, in order to save others, people have to cry out a warning and not allow this predator to sneak in- whoever it is- anyone acting against the people trying to keep the truth to come out and to make money by harming others. We appreciate and need those people to do what they do. And since we can’t exist without these kinds of activists, even though we aren’t waving the same flags we can still thank each other for work on multiple fronts.

Ernie and I are here for positive consumerism. We want to represent people that choose to not eat GMOs in places where others can't be involved in politics that divide people- retail stores and restaurants and other wide-appeal community spaces. And because of that goal, I had to wrap my head around a way to deal with my outrage. My answer is that companies and government agencies require public participation and direction and its our consumer duty and civic duty to give guidance. Companies that can change ownership and change employees have no soul. Agencies are not the government, the government has branches and agencies are the instruments of action of what our government does (theoretically at our behest). We are proud to participate and say what actions are not in accordance with the law, or reason, or integrity and speak out when we expect immediate reform.

Did you see what happened when Monsanto's stocks fell? They lost their strong grip they have to feed with so much money and oops! Science was published and a mainstream show dared say GMOs are not the same as other food. We think that the most worrisome challenge we could bring  them is if we make GMO-Free a desired trait of food by the public and enable it to be marketed to. However, we are not going to label these companies as evil. We approach them as consumers with a message. Stop behaving badly or we will continue to hold you accountable with more and more impact on you. And make products that are positive and have value in their own right when you stop your unsustainable control campaigns. Monsanto is a company but they have waged a war like a foreign enemy. We do not say that they have been moderate or have pros and cons. They have done nothing positive. If they weren’t here, we would have something else, probably something much better in place- and there would be less suffering and we would not be facing the crisis ahead. People must report  these crimes and all the lesser improprieties that are themselves astonishing, people must fight it, people must make use of the resources we have like our courts and involvement with congresspeople, and some people have to be the town criers. They wage war, they commit crimes, they must be brought to justice. But they still do not have a soul.

We may have to negotiate with them peacefully. Because right now, where they have the industrial food system in place, farmers cannot choose to grow other food for the nation. But while this is happening, Monsanto and all the others with capital may need to continue to feed the people. They can feed us better food because now we demand it- but we can't just end processed industrial food when there is nothing there in place that can feed us all. We do not have enough to feed everyone should the masses decide overnight they don’t want what they’re serving. Monsanto, you must agree to loosen your grip because you see the writing on the wall that your crops will collapse and your dam holding back information is cracking. You had better jump ship. And the reason they might come to the table for talks is that they have capital to put into the true green revolution. And by that I do not mean their twisted version of it. I mean to give this new demographic of non-industrial food eaters the products they are actually asking for. And no we don’t mean some greenwash GMO chemical nonsense. We will walk away from any opportunities for retaliation and swallow our anger in a heartbeat if we can get rid of this threat and still feed our nation.

We only judge their actions. And even for unforgivable actions, there are specific people involved and they can be held accountable. You can’t label a country bad. You can’t label a government bad. You can’t label a company bad. They have no nature beyond what they do today. The people within can be held accountable. The entity can be rewarded or punished and even removed- but there is still no soul that can go to heaven or hell or truly pay penance for what its done to someone else. No one will take comfort in anything that could be done to a company. Ernie and I are a minority in this stance. We are a minority among the people that we serve with this outreach. But we can serve a purpose that some others can’t if they only have skulls and radioactive signs- because we talk to people in grocery stores. We want to talk to people in businesses and gatherings of people that can’t have guests that bring controversy and anger. There’s nothing controversial about wanting a different food choice and making sure we have it.

The other thing that needs to happen is for these companies including Monsanto but many others to get zero reward and zero participation from us in their bad actions. Anyone that is mad at GMOs and Monsanto has to stop eating their phood. Think about this. We can’t hope to change anything if we still eat what they give us. So all the activists must make sure that while they are speaking to a crowd, they aren’t holding a GMO pop in their hand because the message they send with that daily action is more significant than the message they send with their words. And if you find it daunting to stop fueling the monster you are fighting, go to the games.html page please.

We have a heartbreaking reality here- we have to risk alienating our friends to keep our identity and our mission. We don’t want to alienate anyone. We’re in this together. But we will serve others better if we stick to what we do- a territory others are not invited to stand in, just as we are not permitted in some. We have our place. We just want you to know that we appreciate your work we can’t do without.



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