Here's an older post from the front page. This seems to work as an archive for it, as well as all the other stuff. We'll update current stuff here later today. :)

We're back! Happy Holidays. Here's what's happening with GMO-Free Portland!
We created a back-up of the very important links today, Thanksgiving. See the 11-25-10 entry on the updates blog.

We had an amazing October at 3 Farmers markets and 2 tabling events at Food Front.
We handed out a lot of  "Say no to Frankenfish" postcards among other things. We wrote on Facebook about it. In fact, FB is about all the updates we did in October besides recipes. We've enjoyed talking to you there. Find us easily using the link at the bottom of this page or by searching "GMO-Free Portland." 
New Seasons asked to be Patrons! Its not final yet. We asked some other businesses if they'd like us to hold a meeting with local food providers to update them on the GMO concerns they will be facing to help them keep their customers safe from the attack on our food. Whole Foods in NW PDX is one of the stores that is most interested in information we can share with them for their staff. We'll be making the packet and presentation this December for anyone we can gather. We got busy with Ernie's new job and Mary's search for a graduate program working with food safety and finishing the botany undergrad degree. The graduate program would have immediate benefit to this project, so we will be posting in one of the site's blogs. It will have to do with the problem "laundering" our food goes through- changing hands so many times it hides the source and nasty nature of many items we buy. I thought of something to reverse this trend. This would help our non-GMO cause powerfully if it works. Afterall, as the FDA said, if the people knew (referring to mandatory labeling), they would not eat GMO's. Then there wouldn't be GMOs! More news to come so stay tuned. Its good to be back.


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