As long as people buy GMO food, the people that make them will run the show. But if just a few of us resist and refuse to eat a single GMO, then the market for non-GMO food will sprout up and with it, the shelf labels, and the consumer preference will change to insisting on non-GMO as much as non-lead or non-asbestos! What are we doing? We're being stubborn!

If you eat them sometimes, it might be because of peer-pressure- not wanting to make people uncomfortable or not wanting to stand out and make a fuss about yourself. This site can help if its money or time or knowledge that is a barrier for you, but if you're worried about being a bother, then that takes a change of outlook on your part if you are willing. Take a step back and think about this worry over what people think when they're being "Sam I Ams." Picture those people living in a world after some of consequences of GMOs we can imagine have shown themselves. Picture the suffering. Feel the compassion you will then, now in your heart. They just don't understand yet. Now picture you saving them that reality because you and a bunch of others in a minority were picky eaters.

I. You will influence a hundred people nearly overnight when you make it against your dogma to eat any. Everyone is going to see them as unholy in the very near future. But we need that day moved back to one soon enough for a little planning, not so late we are just reacting. Of your hundred influenced people, you'll probably make one "no-GMO" like you who will be an epicenter themselves. If you never eat a GMO that is offered to you, how many people will you tell?  If the replacement of natural life with GMOs is against your dogma, will telling people that be too steep a price? Its against dogma of vegans, Jews, Muslims and vegetarians to eat pork. It is a personal matter of great importance to them which we accept in the name of tolerance and respect. GMOs are a violation of the sanctity of life. They've caused suffering and death of plants, animals and human beings and they will cause much more.  We rarely have an easy way to make a difference in something so important.  We Americans and people of other countries where there are abundant choices are the ones driving the market and the remaining countries get whatever they get. 
Farmers in India swallow Round-up to make a statement with their deaths that GMOs are what ruined them. We here are so blessed. All Americans need to do to be heard is be stubborn about our food! For life's sake, say "no, thank you" every time if you feel this way inside. You might be doing it now if you realized how much of a difference one person's "NO" can make.


II. You may not observe the power you have personally- being among the minority that is large enough to influence the market significantly- because it is an effect we can't break down to witness our own role in it. But, when the public opinion suddenly does move and now people want to avoid eating GMOs, everyone that knows someone that knows someone that knows you don't eat them will be asking you about how they can avoid them too. We call it the Larry Plan. Larry is that guy. The one always going on about GMOs, or the one you think doesn't eat GMOs or the one you think said this word GMO... I'm a Larry, so is Ernie, and maybe you are too. We need a Larry in every town. Because there are two scenarios when a neighborhood gets a broadcast that GMOs are harmful in a newly discovered scary way that make GMOs the new lead or asbestos.
1. Everyone freaks out and doesn't know what to do and then sees first hand how the cards are stacked against avoiding GMOs -stacked by people they trusted, no less- and then they feel helpless and angry and scared and tormented when its time to feed the children or
2. Everyone starts to freak out and then someone says "Wait. Where's Larry?"

We might be angry that everyone is deaf and blind to this but in a very short time we will not be angry. We will feel our hearts heavy as these people discover everything we know all at once and feel victimized and helpless. We'll be there- one in every town.

III. And finally, if you're an advocate for the right to non-GMO food or the right for non-GMO lifeforms to exist, or if you want to really protect yourself and your family and be there for others, the "red pill" is the 100% non-GMO diet. The only way to know how deep the rabbit hole goes is to go down it. And then, that knowledge is power. See for yourself how hard it is, but see by experiencing not avoiding it- or you won't really see. See how confusing- how unfair- how stupid. You'll chase the truth down jar by jar and can by can, saying Can I or can't I eat this?!! Oh how infuriating it is when you think you know something and you find an exception or the rules change or someone makes a loophole you never saw coming. But use us and others that are doing the same thing to make it tolerable. In the end you'll feel healthier and happier and it will be easy before you know it. And of course you have our email for the daily support or any questions on anything- whatever you need that we can give we will. There's a lot of us you can meet on Facebook at  the "GMO-Free Portland" page for support as well.

The people that have done the most good on our planet have been stubborn.


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