We're Networking! GMO-Free Portland is autonomous but cooperation-based. Well, we've seen incredible cooperation at work today. Its January 8th, 2011 and we're participating in the Tipping Point Network from IRT. In what way we don't know yet but we're in. No one is asking us to merge- this is networking and leadership and chances to participate. The word has surely missed some needed people-  maybe you! If so, Fill this out ASAP  Then you'll be in contact to ask and answer questions. Item 11 at the bottom of our mission page shows that from the beginning we hoped that anything we found that works could be shared with other groups through some kind of network. But imagine everyone  sharing tried and true tactics with each other all the time- not just ideas a few connected groups have but all of us! IRT is just handing this to all of us and its free including webinars. This opportunity to use them to be stronger together is more valuable than money. If you get stuck somewhere in the process, write IRT. If you want to hear more about what we saw and heard, write us! The plan we heard today was inspired.

Also, thank you Emily Waltz for your articles. This article about scientists under the thumb of biotech helped make USDA researchers free to study Monsanto seeds finally- and Obama's demand that scientists can do research and speak freely may be starting to happen. The author herself does a lot of GMO pieces that talk about feeding the world and great new inventions. Well, lets she what she says after a huge rush of research flows past the dam she helped break!


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