Researcher: Roundup or Roundup-Ready Crops May Be Causing Animal Miscarriages and Infertility

We've been talking about this for a while, even before these findings were released. We believe that this will result in a shortage of organic and GMO-free foods in the near future. This will be either due to a nation-wide recall of conventionally grown crops, or an out-right rejection of GE products by the American public. Those of you who have taken the time to follow these pages would be advised to stock up on your food supplies as much as possible in the days ahead. If you have freezer space available, or can share with a nearby friend or relative, you should purchase 100% grass-fed beef and pork, organic poultry and wild-caught fish while it is available. Can, freeze or dry organic fruits and vegetables.  Get air-tight containers to store bulk quantities of dry goods such as flour, rice, cereals and beans.  In short, treat this as if it were a disaster, because in fact, it is.  The effects of this news may vary by location. Some will be worse off than others. -E

If there is a shortage because some of the food is considered inedible and unsellable, those with the money will buy the safe food first. That means that people who don't eat GMO corn or soy at all are in the same predicament as everyone else. We have to change the food system, we can't avoid the problem threatening America by personally eating well.

However, preparing for a hard hit to food doesn't mean going down in flames or screaming doom and gloom. This could inspire America to do what needs to be done- to plant crops of other kinds of food that don't need chemical herbicides and fertilizers and let farmers do farming practices such as saving seeds and cultivating varieties. We were headed for a disaster and the longer it goes the harder it would be to come back from. If we prepare so we are able to weather a blight, and dedicate ourselves to rescuing this situation, we can finally change the system to something better. Because if this hits, no one is going to even try to deny the problem. It would be impossible.

It isn't wrong to suggest stocking up on food- it's our duty. All Americans should make themselves able to weather a shock to the corn and soy crops so that in the case of a blight we are not too busy trying to survive to rebuild.



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