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P.J. Huffstutter talked to us yesterday- she was calling everyone back that reported things to her from both sides, us included, on what was going to come out in the LA Times today. She's trying to be fair- and after what she said about what all she had from either side of the pathogen story I said, well- as they say, "You can't please anyone."

Basically, when Don had the chance to name names of people and universities that were obstructing or the victims of obstruction to science he didn't. Nor did he give any hard evidence. Lots of people want it. We don't know what his reasons are. Is it top secret? Is it not ready yet? Is he protecting someone? Is he making sure he doesn't blow the chance to do the investigation because being in the open makes it easier for powerful entities to bury the truth? Probably something like that.

The man is sharp and he is concerned about the big picture. The bad press backlash from this isn't going to do us any harm in the long run- but it is going to cause a battle that is even more fervent than ever. The fact that he didn't "put up or shut up" when the Press gave him a chance (Well, the LA Times gave him a chance- the AP gave a scathing one-sided slam) is going to get a lot of people from all sides of the issue upset with him, including some anti-GMO groups.

We already know what is happening with the Pro-GMOs. And we should let them have their party. Go ahead and gloat and be smug and attack- because in the end, you're going to be exposed for what you are and no press is going to matter. What will matter is what unfolds in history - and we know GMOs are a tragedy that is happening right now. It won't be long now before everyone is on the side of dealing with this threat because its undeniable. And by the time its undeniable, its everyone's tragedy. There's not going to be any kind of victory dance for us when what we have been saying is accepted by everyone. We wish we were wrong. So let all these universities and corporations be righteous and lets hope people come out of the woods to celebrate. Once we learn this lesson about science, education, and business, we'll do something to protect ourselves from this effect in the future. In fact,

1. Lets see some universities begin by making a corporate funding policy that makes it clear that biotech funders in particular don't get a perk of manipulating their research. Scientific American "A Seedy Practice" and Nature Biotechnology "Under Wraps" articles are cause enough to have a prominent and targeted integrity policy.

2. Scientists, unite and put a moratorium on research that has a clause of control- and then report on how you were denied real research ability.  What you need to do now is strike. Such as, "Monsanto won't allow any real research to be done. We don't accept this restricted research offer by Monsanto at all, as a community, because the only thing more dangerous than not doing any research is doing slanted research which is all they're willing to allow. Scientists have a right to test products and organisms that are found in nature or consumed by the public." Monsanto won't win by default if scientists say they won't take the deal they are offered to do only favorable research. If there is a strike, that illusion that Monsanto is not blocking real research will shatter.

I know at least one major non-GMO organization journalist was pleased with the article. I saw some criticism from people online that think Ms. Huffstutter was giving Dr. Huber too much credit. The court of public opinion on this does not matter one iota. Right now, we need attention on certain questions, and for key facts to be legitimized beyond doubt which is what is happening.

1. Universities receiving funding are compromised and blocking research
2. Scientists are running scared and being silenced.
3. Crops need to be tested thoroughly for diseases right now.
4. If we ever have a blight that affects our corn or soy, we're in big trouble.
5. It is well-known that USDA is steamrolling GMOs too fast for safety.
6. Secretary Vilsack is no longer the person to ask the tough questions. It is President Obama.



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