Hi Everyone.

We've said over and over how we had been pulled off on other needs for the non-GMO cause and did less on the site than we wished but now we have what we've been spending night and day searching for!

The Committee for the Right to Know, as you probably know from the home page already is putting forward the California 2012 ballot measure to label GMOs and animals reared with them - by law. 100% mandatory and enforced.

We know this thread if pulled will unravel the whole sweater. But its also keeping us alive and funded here- and maybe you should look at her page and see, wherever you live, if it will help your mission to collaborate too. Here's how it went:

We're working on getting our store, restaurant and soon farm patronage expanded, as part of this campaign. We have just added Harmony Jack farms to our family, down in Scio but delivering meat locally, weekly! They are the agro-ecology ranch model you read about in Michael Pollan's in Defense of Food. www.harmonyjackfarms.com, then to Facebook for pictures!

This was the first stop we made as part of the CA 2012 Right to Know team because we heard HJ's CEO speak  up for non-factory farms in a testimony to Salem and everyone wanted to stand up and whoop. Instead every one of us turned and quietly said something to our neighbors ... a move I think I'll call the "Salem Ovation." :) they took our IRT flyers, and our decal for the window.

Do you see what's happening here? Its just as we said it would be. Would you like to join GMO-Free Portland? Have we liked your page on Facebook yet? Do you know anyone that might be interested in putting this kind of measure forward in Oregon? Do you have any friends that would also support this California measure? How much beef is in the beef box? We aren't being paid by the hour- we get commission. As long as Ernie and I have a roof over our heads and gas in the car we are going to work on our mission so this fundraising pays for that now besides being the most important push. The donation page money gets used 4 ways.

1. We get this initiative in CA passed with the majority of the money
2. Pamm puts money into the coalition of states working together
3. We get commission and put our money into our volunteer project as always
4. We find an Oregonian to champion our own measure and give them all the assets we have from both 2. and 3. that they can use.

Pamm isn't just helping by connecting people. As soon as she has enough funds to move Cali forward, part of it is going into making a Ning social network where we will share and make sure no one falls behind that doesn't have to. All together.

You've never seen someone able to move forward so fast- but she's just like us. When are the work hours up? I suppose when we feel we can sleep at night knowing nature- our world, country, home, and food, is safe enough for the moment from the work we've done that its okay to take a minute to do something else. It's not just Pamm, or Ernie and I that do that. You out there, in our community are fighting. Fi

Its like Mr. Andrew Kimbrell said here. As he says- this is all of us... we love life. We love living things. Its the people who love the things you are messing up that you have to expect the most fight from.


"Another thing that people often ask me is, ‘Why do you fight? Were you born to fight?’ Actually, no. I was a musician and concert pianist, and I taught music for years before I became a lawyer. I’ve always loved Lincoln’s adage that I was born a lover but I was forced to become a fighter. And I think that the best fighters are basically lovers, because when they see that that which they love is being attacked, then they fight. They don’t fight for the purpose of just taking on a corporation or just for the joy of the battle. For those of us who have a true sense of wonder and love for the natural world, and a vision of a new relationship with it, that’s what we love. And when we see the kind of horrific technological manipulation represented by biotechnology; when we see what it does to the bodies of salmon or the bodies of animals, or when we understand that they’ve somehow turned a corn plant into a poison for butterflies and caddisflies and potentially for bees; when we realize that they’ve actually changed the heredity of corn and soy so they can withstand ever more and more chemicals; when we see all that, it’s an assault on something that we love. So we respond, not for the sake of attack, but because things that we value and love are being attacked. Anybody would feel that way with their child or pet or anything they care about.

“So the great thing about the work you do, and the work a lot of us do, is if we can get people to fall in love with the organic vision and with the farm communities, and fall in love with this new relationship with food, they’ll fight for it. We’re not passive consumers; we’re creators, and that creative process is very exciting. And when we see that attacked, yes, we’ll defend it and we’ll defend it vigorously. But we don’t do it out of a sense of simple aggression; we do it because we’re defending something we love. So beware of the lover, because when you attack that which a person loves, you’re going to have a pretty vigorous fight on your hands. And that is, I think, what all of us do.”

Thank you for saying this about us all, Andrew, because you are right. We are fighting for our loved ones- and our loved ones are the living things of this world and their right to be. We  also love you, Mr. Andrew Kimbrell, and your brother and best friend, our local Lynfield alumni Mr. George Kimbrell, who does these fantastic press releases we all read in the newsletters from all our organizations- making sure biotech isn't the only voice heard in the media.

Ernie and I feel like its the home stretch where we're pulling ahead as the underdogs who want it so bad we may smoke it! And when we win, it won't just be this hollow lack-of-defeat. We will WIN. The people will all realize how much these things really do mean to each of us and make it part of what it is to be an American. The right to clean food, to choice, and to not let a few companies get control of everything just because somehow they got a siphon hose into our tax holdings. This will be a lesson felt in our hearts and then, a new day will dawn.



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