Wow. I'm so happy. We're making announcements here and inviting you to really join up now.

You've seen the front page by now, we hope people don't think the CA campaign is our personal telethon to raise money for us to live on. It does, and we give all we have to GFP here- but here is the real reason: We have searched for2 years full time as if our lives depend on making a change with you all- because it does. We think this is that chance- the winning basket and its going to take some teamwork. For anyone that has been passive in this movement and wants a sweet simple shot, you can do it right now with us.

Some of us, my hubby Ernie (who is sometimes the poster here so together I guess we're Sammy the logo lizard lol), Bev in Tampa Bay, Pamm the guru, and April Scott the editorialist... we've been cooking things up left and right. And that is just the out of state people we know personally that we met on Facebook. Pamm and her Californian community- like Stacey Hall here (who got us pulled into this and who we love) they are kicking butt down there! Its not just the measure passing- it is the publicity of the grass-roots interstate effort that is about to get a serious social network power. It is making people understand we're talking about our rights and we have power to get our rights respected and enforced by law. Heck my relatives are getting mad. They used to have to tell us it was too much political talk and we learned to just say to lots of people we have a food allergy to GMOs, we'll bring our own food to dinner or we can eat anything Organic. They didn't want to get sucked into politics. But now they get this is their fight. Our families aren't the easy target preaching-to-the-choir audience. They are a sample of so many perspectives. When they see what GMOs are because they read the site saying we have a right to have them labeled, it speaks to them. It is reaching everyone that looks. The time of people not wanting to know ends as soon as you take them to this cause. And now whatever we earn keeps us doing it full time and on the road with our own local mission for our community education, support and local businesses' positive reinforcement to love the non-GMO eater demographic and keep being awesome.

If you look at the donate page we have for them, you can sponsor a broke volunteer to have the "the future of food" movie parties and Jeffrey Smith's pamphlets to give out. Sponsor a volunteer and you'll get a name and contact of a volunteer you're mobilizing to do this work- as a team.  Its like save the children- but without the photograph. ;) Because we do need sponsors, don't we? We're all willing to do the work- we just can't afford the materials and booths. Our mission here is lucky because we have people that support this- who are organic and natural and ethical. We have Dave's Bread and Food Front and Papa G's and Tigard Farmers Market that actively help us- and the other stores and restaurants that put up our sticker declaring their support for our collective right to non-GMO food. So how awesome is this idea of sponsoring a volunteer? And IRT's educational pamphlets? I'm sure they sell some books that way but he's letting us get materials at cost. Maybe even under.

The donate page says what do you have- its not just money. Every single dime she gets for this campaign directly goes to all of us that want GMO-free food choices. So as she said, this Right to Know is the campaign for all who join in. Just like GMO-Free Portland is not our cause but your community.

And by the way, its not the government doing this to us actively- its the executive branch, part of Congress and some agencies. For the first, we believe the president is buying into the idea that this is important for our economy and when we show him we have a better solution he'll take it. Regarding Congress- there are some seriously industry-pocket people but there are also people like our Oregon congress people that are signing petitions and raising issues in session that this has to stop. And judges- well we should all start suing because the more they have a chance to weigh in by getting a case in front of them the more they are getting us legal precedent that supports our rights- and the more overtly out-of-line the USDA and FDA especially are looking. Even Secretary Vilsack should not be considered the enemy necessarily. He has pushed a peaceful solution agenda and he continues to try to maintain both sides. The people need to compel the President to direct his Cabinet member to support the non-GMO option of our food system. But the FDA has just gone crazy and there is no other side. They will be reorganized by the end of the day. We wouldn't have these crazy "animal drug" enviropigs at the gate waiting to be unleashed on us or drug & chemical companies taking over food if the Food and Drug agencies were separate like they should be and the Government Accountability Office took a closer look. In an earlier post I show how the FDA says they don't regulate Monsanto and their employees buy their stock if they want to. FDA will soon be no more- and other people in an agency that does the job of protecting us will be put in. We have the 5th most contaminated food in the world with food-borne illness. Oops.

There are lots in Congress, lots of judges and lots and lots of agencies that would like to see FDA and USDA get straightened out forcibly. A lot of that is because of the Center for Food Safety  who ARE our lawyers. We've suggested they are the place to put money for the cause- and they still need it very much. We want them to ally with each other- and if the Organic Consumers Association wants to stay out of the unity, let them because every cause needs a radical arm and maybe they need to keep pushing the envelope and turning the screws. It would be too easy to laze about this and they're not letting that happen with their Millions Against Monsanto campaign that is now doing rallies.

It is all about to change. This whole dinosaur that keeps us out of the garden is staggering and we're moving in. In 2011. Because the CFS is winning precedents, Jeffrey Smith/IRT is empowering consumers by mobilizing advocates that educate the public and put pressure on businesses, OCA is getting people worked up and making headlines with rallies. Now the CA ballot committee is going to sit on everyone's shoulders and dunk the ball for the game winning point. All these people gave us this chance in the finals- its this moment. We need to use what they made possible and make this change right now with all we have. So the GMO-Free Portland community is asked to send everyone to this page to donate and/or to look at her link on how to get involved in other ways. And by the  way, Dr. Huber really is amassing serious data- and yes he will unfortunately be vindicated because we have to worry about pathogens caused by GMO-herbicide regimes. And don't forget to read GMO-Free Tampa Bay on facebook for the latest news. Bev is incredible.

This letter is to everyone- but it was brought on by our new friend Amanda because she got on Facebook and told us she is ready to support this mission and the work of everyone in this non-GMO cause nationwide. There are lots of you out there- and we put up our first ad on FB. It runs one day, for $5. Everyone check on Friday all day April 22 and see what the number is because we added 5 people in a week and went to 152 as of today. The ad goes to 15,000 friends of the likers of our page 14 and older for as long as people DON'T click it. It says not to click! Just to find our pages.

And Kent, the farmer in Iowa that gives lectures and was featured in P.J. Huffstutter's LA Times article on Dr. Huber's pathogen warning... he's announcing our page to his friends to let them know we'll do some damage if we get some money- here in Oregon and in California... and all of you we find to join us in other initiative states. We're all pulling each other across the line to get this law passed everywhere in 2012.

I'm sorry I'm not linking to articles, organizations etc. Its all in prior posts over the last several months.... I'm not promoting so much as telling our peeps where we're going together. Go Portland! I do have one link. Ask yourself how dangerous you'd be if you had a little money to do this. If the answer is very, write us. There are a million ways now to hook you up in whatever way you think is the right way for you - anywhere in the nation. It's not just through our outreach- or the California committee. We have many many more people and ideas- some of them you'll think up with us on the spot when we connect. We just have to put our minds together and keep banding like we have been in personal connections and teamwork at the next level.

And if you're new here, please read the updates in the archives and here below to see what we've done- as well as the old "funblog" in the New! tab. Second, if you are new to the GMO issue and don't know why we don't want to eat it, watch a great movie online for free or better yet, on a big screen. Especially if you liked King Corn or Food, Inc. is the best intro imho and  the makers are on a mission for our planet and people- a part of our community. We "like" the FoF page with our fb page. 24:30 min into the movie is the 5 minute tool we use to show people why/how GMOs hurt us all by their very nature. The folly of man- that we know better than nature and must change it to be our tool must be replaced with our evolution of character that we are part of nature and it knows what is best because it responds at every level at every moment to make the best of things with what it has. The key to this is genetic diversity. The enemy of that is invasive man-made unstable genes that take over. Nature, thank you for our lives. We  are inspired by your beauty and the irrepressible will of life to live. We are part of you, we love you, and we're coming home.


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