Besides sharing this link to some sad little rats fed GMO feed :( I  am posting here for two reasons. 1. I'm very sorry this website has been so cold on the blog style pages. We're working on something. We should be posting here soon about it and it's really a culmination of our work over the last year in many ways.  We recommend getting on the smartphone or email notifications for gmo-free tampa bay and gmo-free eugene, and if you're not already with us, by all means go meet the awesome facebook community (now over 200) of GMO-Free Portland!  2. I saw on Google that I am apparently the only person in the world who has ever said "Generally Recognized as Shut up!" (If you're too new to this topic for this joke, don't worry- you'll get it all too soon) and I just had to do a post with the term in it. Now I'll see if it ends up on Google. GRASU So here is yet another study that we don't have to worry about because GMOs are generally recognized as safe.​6.htm#headingA11


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