Why do we need the decals and business cards? This is the big plan:

1. Use the website to connect people with restaurants and stores to grow an increasingly informed Portland community. Make it possible for others to eat GMO-free, and support the businesses that give us real food.
2. Give this window cling to businesses that are part of our close-knit community.
3. Give those businesses some information on GMO's plus a card with our website & email so they have an easy answer if the decals raise curiosity. They can simply give the customer a little packet to look at or take with them- or even just our business card so they can come here to this site, or email us with questions.
4. Give us some easy language. I'm tired of saying "I don't eat Genetically Modified food." I'd rather say "I'm a "no-GMO."" We'll be printing t-shirts and making bumper stickers that have the business card logo. The Q & A question 6 has something toward the end about the harm that comes from not having good language for our needs. Here's some: "Real food please!" (As opposed to GMO phood- my new word :)


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