You know the plan- we promote places where we can get food without GMO's who have either an option for or are all about non-GMO (or, more choosily, organic). They take advantage of our donation of outreach materials of this website, plus for our Patrons, our window cling, and customer pager line and the fliers we purchase from the (see below). These are a resource for our Patrons' customers who ask for more information on what GMO's are, why not to eat them, and how to avoid them. We at GMO-Free Portland! believe that anyone that understands would start feeling very uncomfortable about the nature of the other "food" they've been eating as well as the unsavory practices of the majority corporate food industry. Together, we will naturally give even-more support to our growing family of real food providers that we frequent. We, the no-GMO's will help ourselves and our planet by seeing that the right people prosper, and thus our niche will grow even faster until it is an irresistible market. That will increase the success of all who grow, distribute, package, sell, and serve the good healthy food we all should have and our quest of doing the right thing for ourselves and nature itself will get a lot easier. We (you and Ernie and I) have a good food ethic that promotes causes of human rights, the health of all-things-Earth, and of course the inseparable subset of Earth health, human health. This is one way we can make a difference.

Yesterday, Papa G's made a Facebook post that linked to our site that mentioned how eating organic is important. 9 people so far have given the post a "like" not counting us ;) So we checked our stats when we happened upon it just now. 28 individuals that had never seen our site visited yesterday instead of the average 10 (that average grows weekly), and we had our usual daily 10 as of 3pm today instead of by midnight! One Facebook post by one business did that. At least 20 people have been to our site that otherwise wouldn't have- and our site connects them to a ton of resources including some incredible non-profits that fight this battle and other great causes. And of course we're serving people by introducing them to more good food places because we deserve healthy lives. We got 10 extra visitors a week ago when a Facebook friend of mine posted about our site on his personal page. And we love our personal friends and our families too that passed out our card. This campaign and its success is a joint venture with all of you. Thank you.


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