We have our 2nd official Patron (you won't be surprised at who...) It's Papa G's! Check out the updated picture and writeup on our restaurants page . I was impressed when we talked on the phone but as Ernie and I got to hear in person about the store's mission and actually see how hard he and the employees work in the off-site kitchen and in the SE Portland deli, when he could easily turn a better profit if he weren't so darned picky about sustainability and organics, really showed us how much his store is a mission. We believe businesses can be missions. A good number of the stores and restaurants we feature are special that way. But the food is just really good. 

And if that weren't enough, besides Papa G's menus for our Farmers' Market campaign we're planning, we have a whole lot of stuff from the Oregon PSR's Campaign for Safe Food. A beautiful flier called "Know Your Milk. Does it have artificial hormone?" and the rBGH-free ice cream campaign postcards that you can send to Good Humor-Breyers and to Dreyers to let them know you want that recombinant bovine growth hormone out of your ice cream! Or what? Or maybe you'll buy Julie's pints and Alden's quarts of awesome non-GMO, organic ice cream. They really don't want more people discovering those 2 brands while they mull over this decision on whether to remove a carcinogen from the milk or not. If you don't know rBGH is a carcinogen, I'll show you the online version of the flier here. Words come to mind when I read about rBGH and they aren't "Ice" and "Cream." How about YUCK! and WRONG!? When it comes to dairy though remember it all has to be organic or its not non-GMO.


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