There are 2 ways currently to donate assets to the cause.
1.We get $115 credit with our web host if you click this link. Regardless, we'd refer anyone because they are that good. Don't let the look of this site fool you lol- that is user-related! We can't get cash without a certain allocation (see below) because we're not a business. The web hosting referral is a great deal because we like them a lot. They are supportive of the Open Source community. So much so, that they remind me of co-op people. They are there 24-7 and they are friendly and smart. They are the opposite of the IT jokes stereotype. We refer "good guys" all over this site- the philosophy is that we should encourage the businesses we want to see succeed by giving them our business and NEVER supporting businesses with horrible practices.

      I have to clarify the "never support bad business practice companies," however. We
      never support companies that exploit third-world country farmers, for example.
      Non-Fair-Trade chocolate companies with a Fair-Trade line are on the jerk list
      big time). Because GMO's are not known to be terrible by the general public I don't
      avoid everyone that sells GMO's if they offer non-GMOs too.

Anyway, because iPage may really benefit people that need web hosting and they are being very generous (that's just over a year's worth of hosting credit from you trying the site for a month!) recommending them and getting credit seems just like the kind of thing we do here to help the good guys and form partnerships for mutual success with good guys alone.

2. If you sent us $20 we could put out 50 booklet packets at a Portland Farmers Market or some other task you ask us to do where you cover the exact materials cost but not say, our gasoline. If you're interested in sponsoring some of our work by paying the exact cost of any activity large or small, please email us. But remember- your shopping dollar and vocal nature are the most powerful ways to support the effort- as long as we have the cash we will buy the stuff to give away for the outreach. Currently we don't have much stuff going out that costs a lot. If we become really successful, our hope is that we'll have partners interested in the cause because its working- and those folks will help us! Until then, we are giving what we have.

Thank you for your support!!!!


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