This was absolutely fun. It has been at times difficult explaining to various businesses that we want nothing except to spend our money to get them more customers in our non-GMO niche. We went in to see if we could give away our service. I was not prepared for Anni to ask if she could buy more of our brochures up front so we didn't have to cover the cost. Then she said what we were doing around town was exciting. I know! Ok but Then, we found out that they are celebrating non-GMO month, October, with a store-wide promotion of shelf-tags and posters. Good gravy! Have I died and gone to non-GMO heaven? Check out the write up on our Stores page. :) We're about to get 50 sets of brochures and pager-email cards out to people thanks to our new Patron. Now to go find them on Twitter and/or Facebook!



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