This is where the "GMO-Free Portland!" Project will generate some buzz and get non-GMO in people's minds. Cravin' Raven became our first Patron today. This is the cling we made (design below) in their window, which happens to be behind their basket of brochures outside so people will see it. We are for you, GMO food avoiders- whether you eat less of them now, are just learning and wanting to stop eating them ASAP, or no-GMO's like us. We are for you, businesses, that are also endorsers because you recognize and respect our right to NON-Genetically Engineered food and cater to our niche as one of many valid food choices. Together, with Ernie and I, and all the great organizations and people we link to that are on our side, we are a community. And though we are making our stand in our hometown of Portland, we are with you and for you, wherever you are- because we open the door for other communities. In fact, we have www.GMOFreeProject.com now reserved so that we can link to other regions when it catches on. We have some more friends in Portland- and establishments that are going to be patrons soon. If you're reading this site, please introduce yourself in an email to mail@gmofreeportland.com, so we can welcome you to our community. :)



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