We heard from Rick that he is mentioning us today in his newsletter. That may be why some of you are here to read this message. This is especially for you:

A Precautionary Principle Haiku, by Mary Wright

"Safe until proven
unsafe" is absurd when a
mistake would mean doom

Ok. There are a couple of things we'd like you to know about this site. A lot of you are professionals and used to good causes having slick websites and non-profit status, etc. We don't have either yet. That said...,
  • It is improving quickly- but has a long way to go. We have no experience, and its only 2 months old. Please keep checking back, and sending us feedback.
  • We have a calendar. At the Farmers Markets 8/12 & 9/9 we'll be handing out PSR CSF literature plus we'll have lots of things to do and resources for you. Come say hi!
  • We don't have a sustainable plan but we have faith that if we keep doing what we're doing, people will come to us that can help.
  • We have a lot of very different pages filled with information about how to avoid GMO's and why. The "why" is support for people that already are wanting to avoid them. We have no aims of convincing people to go from pro- to anti-GMO.
  • We are at your service. Email us and tell us about yourself. In fact, try our fun survey to start the conversation if you like. 

Thank you and welcome!


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