We have been out doing so many things that we got behind almost 3 weeks of writing except for a scribble here and there. If you're with us on Facebook or Twitter you know we were at Farmers Market 8/12 and we'll be out there again 9/9 in NW Portland (see the calendar for details) but a lot more has been going on. First, though, lets talk about what's been added to the site!

I just wrote the first of my letters series (on the home page tab). This one is to conservationists to help them back companies doing positive things without running into problems of playing favorites. There is no such thing as "brand-neutrality" in conservation.

Just before that, Ernie published his GMO-Free Guide to Portland. He adapted it from sources such as the Non-GMO guide from the Center for Food Safety, the Institute for Responsible Technology, and the Non-GMO Project, and he put not just the dirty dozen and the clean 15 but all 49 fruits and vegetables looked at by the Environmental Working Group. He adapted the Monterey Bay Aquarium's seafood watch to avoiding farmed fish that eat GMO's as well and we made sure to encourage people to add their name to the credits if they adapt the guide to another region.

Ernie also published his guide to shopping at Uwajimaya which you can also get to easily from the smaller paragraph on the Stores page. This is exciting because it expands our stores page to include the West Side where we both hail from.

I'm in the process of editing his drinks guide which is another specialty page in the Ready? tab. It's a challenge. Gosh Ernie, you wrote all this hard stuff and backlogged me on proofreading & publishing. I told you guys he's been writing too!

We got our statistics updated so you can see we're still meeting new readers here and on Facebook and Twitter, and we added a wonderful $7 quick pizza from heaven to the RecipesPlus tab.

But if we just got back to writing, you might ask, what have we been doing for the last 20 days? Well, you'll just have to stay tuned because we're in the process of writing about that! ;)


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