First letter sent!


I just sent my new letter to conservationists to the AZA, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. (If you don't know how involved zoos are in conservation now, take a look at the Oregon Zoo's conservation page. Don't be fooled by the modest layout- you can spend a whole day in the programs and information nested in this conservation directory page). Instead of "conservation organization" and "members" the letter says "AZA" and "member zoos and aquariums."

The website confirmed my web-form email frankly that they have a small staff and must prioritize inquiries from members- to the extent that there is nothing that makes me expect they will ever be able to reply. But who knows? We'll keep you posted and if we get no reply we'll try snail mail. We would like to find more organizations that have conservationist members. Please let us know of more. It only takes a few seconds to do and it might make this happen somewhere. Our mission is in part to get consumers to care what is in the food because once they do, GMO's won't be.

You'll notice I picked palm oil as my example. As a side effect of avoiding GMO's, and only equitable trade chocolate and coffee, and buying from GMO-Free companies and Organic companies much more than organic or non-GMO lines of large GMO companies, our food circle doesn't have a lot of things with palm oil (a Vitamin A source known by dozens of names) from orangutan and elephant killing farms. For one thing, its mostly phoods that think they have to add vitamins. We all eat real food that has vitamins in it. Meanwhile I can't just keep throwing everything out of my pantry while they keep thriving from doing these horrid things, edging out the good guys. Lets get other people aware too so the products that exploit fail and the ones that choose not to succeed!

By the way, please remember that GMO's are going to blow up as a health and environmental disaster. Before every John and Jane knows how insidious they are we need to get consumers in the habit of shopping with power- buying only positive food and supporting only companies that deserve money that we actually want to see continue doing what they're doing. It may seem indirect but if we get this in place, then in a few short months when GMO's are on everyone's ugly list the entire nation of shoppers will be behind the mass-rejection. Right now, people still buy food that has ugliness in and around it because they have been lulled into thinking they are powerless, when they are anything but! This is why we are now working on positive food as a whole. If food is ugly at heart, (and I'm preaching to the choir here) we don't have to eat it! Saying you have no control over what you buy and eat is insane. This ugliness we take in and pretend we don't know eats at our souls. Every time you eat a pure-of-heart food, your health in the largest sense improves. Every consumer that turns away from any shady dealings and sends a message to companies that we are watching closely is getting us in a good position when the cascade effect of GMO consumer education begins to really avalanche. The good position is power. If we don't show people they have the power- including willpower and influence both, then this avalanche will just come down on top of us making everyone give up and take whatever they're given (unless the people learn of consequences of eating GMO's that are so frightening we have an all-out revolution)... but if people are empowered already, then the avalanche will cause a mass-rejection and GMO's will be outlawed and the Eradication begun. You don't have to reject every shady thing at once 100% of the time to have an effect either- but the more you do it, the more you'll see its actually a better way to live by far.

Someone offered us a chance to reach general readers once. We said no thanks. Because its nice to know I'm talking to people that know they can do it and to the friends and family and anyone else they want to show the fact that they can do it too. Anyone is welcome here on this site- but I am writing to you, shopping soldiers, whether you're new to the life (like us or even newer- or even just thinking about becoming that picky and demanding consumer we need more of) or perhaps you have always been an empowered shopper. Good for you! And when it gets tough out there, we are on call all the hours our BlackBerry is set to beep at us that you're writing. Email us or take our survey to start the conversation right now about strengthening your game (even if you just are in the store wanting to know what tocopherols are*). Thank you from all of us for demanding better choices! :) I've heard from enough of you to know one thing about our audience... You guys rock.

Hopefully the letter campaign idea will reach someone that tries it and becomes a real outreach somewhere that helps in our fight to get more consumers involved like you are. Email us with those suggestions!

*tocopherols are found in food usually to add Vitamin E, and now they primarily are derived from GMO soy.


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