Sunday we met our new friend, the Irrepressible April Scott of She learned about us from the Oregon PSR newsletter. We're still having great things turn up from that exposure. And because we left business cards around town, we'll be in the Green Living Journal for their Fall issue (free paper mag in stores, and online at We're already connecting many people together- resources, organizations, businesses, shoppers, diners, activists, experts... every exposure for us means new friends of ours and therefore new friends of yours that are proving to have so much to offer. We need this local GMO-Free community. And for everyone not so close, read on because we're here to help you get your shopping circle educated too so you have it easier. That's what happens when you start telling the grocery stores what you can and can't get there to eat. We took a field trip to Salem Oregon. How far could we go- who could we help make their town better for their shopping and dining health? We don't know- we're just getting started. Send us an email about yourself and thanks for reading!

So because of April, who is in the pic below with her Organic-eating, future conservation arborist daughter, and Ernie, we're going to write up LifeSource Natural Foods of Salem and that is super because they deserve a round of applause. They had a lot we could eat and they take pride in everything they carry. The manager, Jeff, said the GMO-free niche is complex - so maybe we can make it easier. That's what we try very hard to do is help them help us. We'll definitely be back. They truly want to help us eat non-GMO food. By the door is 2-food sign for the Non-GMO Project! Pictured here by the Equal Exchange poster above a beautiful healthy coffee plant.

I have to live vicariously through April as I read her poignant rants and good advice- so full of links and references. My strategy is to say we will work with anyone and forgive and forget if you stop the madness and save the darned planet from being eaten by GMO's. Just STOP DOING IT! (and then fix it, and stay out of any business requiring our trust.) But April writes from the perspective that people are preying on us and making us sick, period. She also gives you direct sources and interesting links to check out and gives you what you need to protect yourself and your family. When you read her articles, its very obvious she is just trying to defend you from predators and that feels good after the beatings we take day in and day out just trying to eat real food and keep nasty stuff away. Take a look.


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