I have to make separate posts today. We've been so busy because of the doors the PSR letter is opening for us we haven't added any content in 3 days. First, Thanks to the Oregon PSR Campaign for Safe Food / Director Rick North (everyone should get on his newsletter, hrnorth@hevanet.com), we had 90 new visitors in 2 1/2 days to our site- many of them reading a long time our stats tell us, and we then doubled our Facebook "likers" from 23 to 46. For those of you who don't know these folks, they got a bunch of that nasty cancerous inhumane GMO milk hormone out of the milk supply - including ALL milk from Oregon and Washington? Now they're going after ice cream. If you want to send Dreyers and Breyers a postcard saying they'd better get it out of there, come pick one some up from the Farmers Market table 8/12- details on the calendar page. In the interest of keeping this the fun blog, I'm inserting a divider for where I get snotty. But I am having fun. Sometimes you just gotta be "sticking it to the Man!" (Although at the end I get all positive and happy and give really cool links I should tell you.)
As I was saying, if you fill out one of the postcards to Breyers and Dreyers, be sure and tell them you tried Alden's Organic Chocolate chocolate chip and  Julie's Organic Blackberry ice cream while you were considering whether you would drink (I am editing something gross out but you can read it on page 4 of the brochure we'll also be handing out for the PSR at the market). Then say you're about to introduce your friends to those Organic brands. Have you tried Alden's & Julie's? Fred Meyer has Alden's on sale often from $6/quart to $4. They do not want people to try those other ice creams while they deliberate about this. Here is a great article by the Organic and non-GMO report. It talks about how after giving up on trying to get the FDA to kill freedom of speech for them, Monsanto sold Posilac to the makers of Prozac who are still trying to get those pesky labels off that say rBST-free. Guys, if there's nothing bad about rBST, then everyone will ignore rBST-free labels or even reject the companies for transparently appealing to ignorance. It's only if consumers have evidence that there's some problem like.. um.. cancer that those labels will hurt you. Companies aren't touting a health benefit, they just print the words "rBST-free" like any other descriptions the Constitution allows them to make. Maybe they put it on for people that simply want fewer cows suffering from mastitis or 19 other toxic effects Monsanto was forced to concede, some causing animals to suffer. That story and more on the Organic Consumers Association rBST page!  Uh oh. I'm feeling positive again. I'm inserting this break in case you don't want to see a lot of positive stuff right now.
We LOVE the OCA. See? Now I'm off on something else really neat. I get great emails from them, some of them giving me easy-click letters to my Congressmen, but their website has everything and they fight like heck for us. That link above has one of those click letters that will autofill if you tell it to for future letters. The Congressmen taking around statements to their peers urging the FDA not to deregulate GMO alfalfa were born because people used links like these to let them know what we care about. And I'll tell you that Senator Merkley's staff will send you detailed text they've prepared in response to everything you tell them. Even if you don't like the stance being taken on some issue, you'll at least know his reasoning- know that he is really thinking, and that he spends his allowance on listening to everyone and keeping track of what issues they raise. But for that you'll want to go right to his Whitehouse personal page. Everyone should write him just to see him go. For issues, I've been 50/50 with him but I think I'd rather have someone in office I only half agree with that outstandingly actively listens to his constituents than someone I agreed with all of the time that only listened to himself. The other politicians in Oregon I've written to acknowledged me too and I appreciate that. I just am blown away by Sen. Merkley's public correspondence system. Ok now I have to do this- because everyone has something they want to ask a Senator to stand up for and maybe today for you its about GMO's. Whatever is on your mind, here's Senetor Merkley's contact form. I never used to participate like this. Its groups like the OCA, CFS, Credo, and the ACLU that made me find out how this really helps our Democracy. I don't agree with everything everyone I subscribe to sends me so I don't click through every email but its so quick and none of them send that many. Ok That's it. I'll have to tell you about our press release and big neat organization linking to us and the lecture we were asked to give & all that later. ;)


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