Half information, half shout-out to our new friend, Devana. We went to Clackamas, our second-closest Fred Meyer for wild-caught sushi grade tuna. She updated our knowledge on what Frozen fish means- what they thaw for the cases. Its fresher than fresh used to be because its vacuum packed and frozen on the boat right when its caught. Plus she said if you let it thaw only half-way you can slice it really thin. We roll ours in Nori with American-grown sushi rice and California organic avacado. (Cheating by using a slicer thingie like they make for slicing bread. Resale store brand new $4 or $5.) Now there's still frozen fish in a bag you can buy- but ask the Seafood counter people. We've said it before- the people in the departments like Meat, produce and Seafood know their stuff. Including one of our favorite questions, "is this <weird new organic fruit> ripe?"


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