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Dates on our Calendar (more in the works):
We’ll have tables at 2 Portland Farmers Market events
NW 23rd & Savier, Portland
8/12 & 9/9 3-7pm.

Patrons: 4
*Proper Eats Market & Cafe
**Alberta Cooperative Grocery
*Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli (+ Catering)
*Cravin’ Raven Organic Bakery (+ Catering)

* have window clings up!
** buying our packets to leave out for customers!

Alberta Cooperative Grocery and
Food Front Cooperative Grocery are
Celebrating non-GMO month (October) and day 10-10-10
(Which will be Ernie and Mary’s wedding date set before we knew about it over 2 years ago! Woa.)


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