Stats 8/3/10


Unique web visitors to date: 421
89 of those are since the last stats update I logged right before Rick announced us on his Campaign for Safe Food newsletter. Hmmm. Yeah- I'll be writing in the FunBlog about that

46 Facebook "likers." We doubled nearly overnight

The new friend / field reporter that gave us the lead on one restaurant that is looking very good right now gave us 3 more places to check out.

Oh and asked to link to us- with a write-up of what we do and a picture. Then they put us in their elite "featured" spot. I am especially happy because they are really cool. We of course looked at them carefully before submitting our link. I'd heard of them- I had a T.A. tell me how great they are. Some of the links like Animal Welfare and dePave are just so unusual and wonderful- and I'd never heard of them. I want to tell dePave about some unnecessary concrete by my home so they can rip it out and make it a natural drainage system with native plants with the people of Happy Valley who like to do stuff like this. Here's a screen print of what we look like there you can click on to see- but you can find this page in about a second.


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