We heard from Robert in Hillsboro about how he commented on the Center for Food Safety page on Genetically Engineered Salmon. We reached him through Facebook and are hoping others will join us there for the conversation. When I heard what he said, I asked to share his comments with you. His are at the bottom of this post in green. I would like to add yours. For those of you that are ready to give your input here is the link
For those of you needing some background you can see this reporter we now know write about it http://www.salem-news.com/articles/september062010/ge-salmon-as.php
or read what the folks at the CFS are letting us know right now

And for the rest of us that already had the news, already made our comments or intend to, lets celebrate the fact that our words will be heard and probably submitted as evidence in the futurethanks to the CFS advocating for us! Did you know that the number of us that respond and what is said by us matters - because these comments were used in the Supreme Court alfalfa case? They were actually mentioned by the judge in the decision when slapping Monsanto hard saying they do not get to get a ruling that what they are doing is not irreparable harm. You can read about it in the updates page (6/28 and 7/23 posts) and read the actual court decision that talks about the comments that were submitted as why they could not make that claim- which the judge went on to say that the USDA would be complicit in this harm if they ever did allow it to be released. Wow. Smack!

Did you know that the Supreme Court is not acting like they support the USDA or FDA policy? But they don't make law unless we participate- we have to give them something to rule on to stop these atrocities.  My point is that we can't look at what the USDA and FDA are doing as representative of our whole government. There are even people in those agencies that would be very glad if this madness ends.  I think we should share our comments we make with each other- to show each other our feelings and support each other. Did you see that we're trying to get a support group together for people dealing with this news? Write us if you need to talk so we can let some of this poison out in a safe place and turn our feelings out from hurt we have on the inside to what we can do out in the world. Even if its just to voice our sadness, fear, and anger- we have to get it out of us.  These actions taken against us make us shocked or appalled and take away our feelings of safety. Why don't more people care? Because they still think everything will go well without their participation or even interest because someone is protecting us. But now we are learning together what happens when we don't participate in our own government and it stings. When people see things like this they will wake up and feel some very strong emotions and we will be there for them without judgment.

I will add more of your letters to the CFS if you send them right here. We may not have enough readers to expect others to talk to us this month. But just this one is very touching.

"I strongly feel that the FDA's decision to proceed with this approval process while giving the public such a short amount of time for notice shows fear in the hearts and minds of those who are governing this process. It demonstrates that those involved believe this is the wrong thing to do and are being driven by wrong motives, such as greed for power and money. Please know that deceitful behavior such as this does not go unnoticed. Please also consider the impact on the environment short and long term. Are you not sure what the impact will be? Then all the more reason to withhold this process from progressing. I emplore you to leave a legacy of honesty and research what end goals you have in mind to be done in a healthy way for us all."


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