It's very important to read all of these instructions from the beginning to end before attempting this recipe.

1 pound of organic drumsticks ($4 Fred Meyer)
1 I'm sure we have noodles
1/2 I'll figure it out

Heat 4 tbsp olive oil and put in not-defrosted-enough chicken in a pan on medium-high instead of the correct medium heat and cover.
Flip the more-frozen-than-you-realized mass of drumsticks over and heap over with garam masala seasoning blend.
Combine whatever bags of pasta frantically summoned husband finds and boil.
Turn the chicken to medium low heat to cook more evenly inside, while the outside is already burned and possibly bitter. Fail.
Microwave drumsticks. Fail.
Cut off meat from drumsticks to reveal overcooked and raw bits and put back in pan with all the seasoning and oil and cook on medium.
Fail to find apricots, raisins, or prunes but instead add a can of cranberry gel
Cover and simmer
Serve over noodles.

As it turned out, I used:

1 pound of organic drumsticks ($4 Fred Meyer)
1 can of cranberry gel
1/3 cup garam masala seasoning
1/3 cup olive oil
1 cup rice noodles
1 cup wheat mini-macaroni

This was honestly one of my best dishes ever. You can buy garam masala from Bob's Red Mill (Milwaukie) in bulk if you don't have a wonderful father-in-law who makes it for you!



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