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Most of our traffic seems to be coming directly from people we have told about the website. We are a lot getting a lot of traffic from Facebook or links from sites such as OSALT or theNon-GMO Report, plus people finding us via search engines. Our top  pages are 'stores', 'restaurants', 'resources', 'recipes-plus', and 'pdxshoppingguide'. 'gmo', 'free' and 'portland' are the top search terms, followed by recipes and specific foods. The most surprising stat was seeing the traffic coming from, where Ernie put a link to gmofreeportland on his profile page.
Our Facebook page "likers" number 76 now.
Our Website has reached 837 different people since mid-May- just over 4 months.
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News item 1: We might have landed a chain for our sticker campaign. We won't know until November but they asked about becoming Patrons. It would triple our locations.

We were sent a W-9 from a store that buys our flyers because they were required to do that for every single vendor. What a nightmare for all these businesses but it was exciting (this first time lol). OK that is really silly but you all know what a new experience this all is for us. Remember our first posts? We were asking if there was anyone out there that didn't want to eat GMOs because we didn't know anyone else then that didn't or cared much. Now we have been connected with hundreds through the website and otherwise. And all those people might feel alone until they find our community. They will feel the relief we felt because of meeting you all.

We have 5 Tabling events on our calendar. We have 2 unscheduled events we've been asked to do and there are lots more we could do. The people we meet there are sharing their feelings and learning with us what is going on out there in the non-GMO world. It is the opposite of "cold-calling" where you spend time with people that you make no difference in that time. These are all people we know we have helped in some way and they've helped us. Tabling is dear to us.

3 days ago, we were featured in the facebook page for the Future of Food! We had 71 new visitors in 2 days. Thanks you guys for visiting! We love FoF too as you've read on our reply to this sweet post. I hope our readers here will look at their FB site I just linked to and see our post and others. Look for our lizard icon.

We are now the subject of  a half-page story the print and online version of the Green Living Journal, page 6 Fall issue. We expect to meet people from this. They found our card we left at New Seasons. We have given away about 10 cards but what other bulletin boards around town might we use? Just another thing we could do!

You may know we are on the main links page of Will Newman II met with us for 2 1/2 hours- about 2 hours longer than I realized he'd take for us out of his long day. Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust is amazing and so are their links. Don't stop at the front page links, dig deep. You will be amazed what we in Oregon and some other friends of his have going on- and how much this group is in-the-know. I flipped when I saw de-pave on there. They work like Friends of Trees as enemies of unnecessary pavement.

The Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility features us here, and you can find us here on Ken Roseboro's Organic and Non-GMO Report. We referred a business once to the non-GMO sourcebook they publish. These two organizations were our first contacts and have really helped us.

Editorialist April Scott mentioned us in an article on the wonderful GE Salmon article "Genetically Engineered Salmon... Speak Now or Forever Hold your Fish!"
One of her articles reached 8500 people. I can't get the link to her page to work. Google "Articles by April Scott" She's a very angry mom that hits hard - but she gives her sources as links so it's very powerful stuff.

We thought of 5 ways to nip GMO's in the bud. They are good ideas. But they all need money. We haven't been able to post about them because it would take our energy to write them out since we're talking about ideas involved enough to be foundations. So what are we doing about it? Talking to a lot of people on the phone. We spend hours and hours making connections and connecting them with each other. One person that heard the idea and gave me her precious time was Sara Jennings of Institute for Responsible Technology in Iowa. Jeffrey Smith reaches around the world with his message of the health risks of GMOs and this woman gave us time. It was generous, and also very encouraging. So we have someone else excited about one of these ideas we've mentioned here and there probably but barely. Sara ended the conversation, "always a pleasure." Sara, you and Jeffrey are more important to us who try to not eat GMOs ever than you will ever know. I try very hard not to take their time up so she can keep going but hey- we buy their stuff. And by the way- their outreach, as far as the materials themselves that are so key to what we do, makes no profit on them. I'm sure it sells his books sometimes but they work so hard to distribute these flyers. Did you know you can get a ton of stuff for free? Or a CD lecture for a buck? Their shipping is lower than anything I've seen. That is why we can give someone 2 brochures for $0.20 now. It was $0.40 but they made a less expensive version doubling the number we'll give away. ABless you guys.

Speaking of Iowa, I will say we have 4 (1 more pending I bet) friends in Iowa in the non-GMO scene because we are cooking something up called Land Bridge. There are farmers there that need our help that want out of the GMO business. We have stuff to offer them so we want a sister state type of relationship (non-Governmental obviously). They need our support. But there's one that is faster and stronger we hope to find a grant for. We found a list of non-GMO sympathizers and hired a friend to do an hour of screening. That money came from our business.

We have a business in order to take checks from stores that buy flyers and so on. If we ever got donations I couldn't have them taken by my creditor I'm sorry to say. For me to pay them I have to have wages that belong to me. We need to make what we do our jobs so we can keep doing it after I graduate this year and have no loans to live on. But we won't charge people for things we think should be our gift. Well, we thought of things we can charge for and now we call our whole outreach "marketing." You know we don't think of it as marketing but in order to be a business you have to make money by law. In order to get money we had to have a business bank account and we couldn't become a non-profit without a board and lots of knowledge. We've only been advocating for 5 months with no experience. A home-based corporation was the easy solution. But eventually we are sure to have non-profit groups and/or foundations in addition to possibly this business. We added a donation page. When we get some we can buy materials to give out. Currently we can't afford our farmers markets at $20+ in donated materials a pop x 5 and growing for October alone. We have no money for ourselves. So when we get donations we are going to anonymously post them on the success page here and tell what we spent the money on. Donors have the chance and are encouraged to direct what their money goes to.

Our website is behind. We try but its not what we do. What we do all day is work on stopping GMOs from taking over life on Earth by trying one thing after another. All these people we meet really really matter. A single couple gave us four restaurants that might be future Patrons. But we can't get out there if we don't have gas money. I am the worst person to keep something afloat because I don't like asking for contributions and I don't like charging for things. But what we can charge for is one-on-one help that goes beyond the hours we put in for free. On a sliding scale or in exchange for assistance we will take someone shopping and fill them up with non-GMO groceries on a budget which is easier said than done. We try to give the guidelines online and help over the phone but if a person would rather pay to just get it done and over with and learn as he or she shops we do that. Also, we put green and red stickers on cupboard food in homes and then type up a list of substitution ideas and prices/locations. But obviously those only apply to people in Portland. We have done free stuff like that over the phone with people all over though and will continue. One thing we did is make a video asking a particular business to take the non-GMO challenge. Imagine how much easier it would be if the info was passed around in the break room and the workplace was non-GMO-friendly? We'd get a phone line for $30/ month to take those calls that the work places would pay for as a new employee benefit plus a wage for doing our work for them. We will take the minimum we can survive on too- no joke. So we have one company that thought this was a cool idea. One out of one we contacted. And there are more so that is why the website although updated at least twice weekly somewhere isn't the main focus. Oh we do spend time on Facebook talking to folks and that has been a two-way goldmine of information and support. That's hard to link to in text but its on the home page- please join us! If you want to know how to not eat GMOs and its not all up on the site or you don't have time to do all that work, the call to us is free and the help we give is free unless you ask for something really intensive. So email us with your phone number and we'll give you ours and then we can help you because you, the person striving to eliminate GMOs are our most priceless resource. Finally, we've spent a lot of time talking to businesses and non-profits that are working in this battle with us as well as calling companies to make sure what we say is non-GMO really is. I just wish our Projects page and Support page was better. We need help. But until we're in a position to get help, we'll do all we can. I put in an average of 10 hours a day now. There are weeks I take 2 hours for myself and the rest of the time I do this. Ernie often puts in 30-40 here but if you count that he has assumed all of the household tasks so I can do this stuff, and I mean all of them- his time on the project matches mine easily. But please remember that although we're busy, the very best thing we can do with our time is to help you personally. Please contact us and believe that you can do it.

We heard from Robert in Hillsboro about how he commented on the Center for Food Safety page on Genetically Engineered Salmon. We reached him through Facebook and are hoping others will join us there for the conversation. When I heard what he said, I asked to share his comments with you. His are at the bottom of this post in green. I would like to add yours. For those of you that are ready to give your input here is the link
For those of you needing some background you can see this reporter we now know write about it
or read what the folks at the CFS are letting us know right now

And for the rest of us that already had the news, already made our comments or intend to, lets celebrate the fact that our words will be heard and probably submitted as evidence in the futurethanks to the CFS advocating for us! Did you know that the number of us that respond and what is said by us matters - because these comments were used in the Supreme Court alfalfa case? They were actually mentioned by the judge in the decision when slapping Monsanto hard saying they do not get to get a ruling that what they are doing is not irreparable harm. You can read about it in the updates page (6/28 and 7/23 posts) and read the actual court decision that talks about the comments that were submitted as why they could not make that claim- which the judge went on to say that the USDA would be complicit in this harm if they ever did allow it to be released. Wow. Smack!

Did you know that the Supreme Court is not acting like they support the USDA or FDA policy? But they don't make law unless we participate- we have to give them something to rule on to stop these atrocities.  My point is that we can't look at what the USDA and FDA are doing as representative of our whole government. There are even people in those agencies that would be very glad if this madness ends.  I think we should share our comments we make with each other- to show each other our feelings and support each other. Did you see that we're trying to get a support group together for people dealing with this news? Write us if you need to talk so we can let some of this poison out in a safe place and turn our feelings out from hurt we have on the inside to what we can do out in the world. Even if its just to voice our sadness, fear, and anger- we have to get it out of us.  These actions taken against us make us shocked or appalled and take away our feelings of safety. Why don't more people care? Because they still think everything will go well without their participation or even interest because someone is protecting us. But now we are learning together what happens when we don't participate in our own government and it stings. When people see things like this they will wake up and feel some very strong emotions and we will be there for them without judgment.

I will add more of your letters to the CFS if you send them right here. We may not have enough readers to expect others to talk to us this month. But just this one is very touching.

"I strongly feel that the FDA's decision to proceed with this approval process while giving the public such a short amount of time for notice shows fear in the hearts and minds of those who are governing this process. It demonstrates that those involved believe this is the wrong thing to do and are being driven by wrong motives, such as greed for power and money. Please know that deceitful behavior such as this does not go unnoticed. Please also consider the impact on the environment short and long term. Are you not sure what the impact will be? Then all the more reason to withhold this process from progressing. I emplore you to leave a legacy of honesty and research what end goals you have in mind to be done in a healthy way for us all."
Ernie (me) celebrated his 42nd birthday last Friday with Mary and his friend Rob. Went to Zenger Farm for a tour and got some free produce samples. (The August Featurette will be for Zenger in the New! tab soon) We then went to our Patron Papa G’s for dinner. Had a couple of surprises there. Grant (Papa G himself!) was on hand with his family, including all five kids. They have live music on Fridays. Playing this night was our friend, Lynn Conover.  Rob managed to talk her into playing an improvised birthday song for Ernie. We also discovered that Papa G’s has a happy hour menu from 5-7 Wednesday through Friday. Many of the same great menu items, just a buck or two cheaper!

Had a booth at Portland Farmers Market on 8/12. We will be back on September 9, 3-7 pm. We will be handing out informative flyers and menus for our Patron restaurants and just generally educating the public about how to go GMO-Free. Plus we have organic jelly beans to give out! We'll be writing up and sharing pics from the market to get you keyed up to say hi on 9/9... just as soon as we do a featurette on the awesome Zenger farm.

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The new friend / field reporter that gave us the lead on one restaurant that is looking very good right now gave us 3 more places to check out.

Oh and asked to link to us- with a write-up of what we do and a picture. Then they put us in their elite "featured" spot. I am especially happy because they are really cool. We of course looked at them carefully before submitting our link. I'd heard of them- I had a T.A. tell me how great they are. Some of the links like Animal Welfare and dePave are just so unusual and wonderful- and I'd never heard of them. I want to tell dePave about some unnecessary concrete by my home so they can rip it out and make it a natural drainage system with native plants with the people of Happy Valley who like to do stuff like this. Here's a screen print of what we look like there you can click on to see- but you can find this page in about a second.

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Alberta Cooperative Grocery and
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Celebrating non-GMO month (October) and day 10-10-10
(Which will be Ernie and Mary’s wedding date set before we knew about it over 2 years ago! Woa.)

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One person went to Papa G’s on our recommendation! (Of course they loved it.) And they did the big thing- they told someone there they were referred by this site. We are so grateful. Talk about win-win. In fact, he had the curry I swore by. Mmmm. Ok this is stats. back to it.

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Sammy was brightened today. He looks much more like he does in real life. More about Sammy on FAQ 3

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